From the recording The Weaver's Broom

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Ryan Joseph Anderson: Vocals, Guitars
Jon Estes: Upright Bass, Pedal Steel, Hammond Organ
Dave Racine: Drums
Jen Donahue: Vocals


You laid me down easy
With no time left to cry
You called me the one
Child who'd grown old
To brighten her eyes

You said life's more than pay dirt
It covers the rose
It's more than a wish
Or a Saturday kiss
And I want some more

Leave me in the middle I think I've
Got another way to lose the load
I'll wait another night just to find you

I spent all my money
On a mockingbirds song
I cashed my last check
I borrowed I begged
To see you again

And the lines on my face dear
Have grown crooked and cracked
So I shrank in my skin
Let the morning begin
To fool me again