From the recording The Weaver's Broom

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Ryan Joseph Anderson: Vocals, Piano, Farfisa Organ, Guitar
John Estes: Upright Bass
Dave Racine: Drums, Percussion
Jen Donahue: Vocals


Reading a vow scratched on a page
I had on my wedding vest
Fortune would fade and Fate would arrive
Draping a black veil over my bride
Later on I must confess
As her fingers brushed my chest
Her skin felt colder than ice
And her eyes though they were closed
Seemed to sparkle neath the glow
Of a light I cannot describe

The wolves saw the moon, but none of them howled
And she held her breath like a child
Though I remained still for fear of the night
And the breath she held stole mine
Oh as Fortune married Fate
In a carnival of grey
A red dress fell from the sky
And it hung there like a bird
Bloodied by the words
That a husband read to wife

She sleeps like she knows, knows better than I
Of the catacombs we hide
And she still wears the veil thought it's thinned over time
But the ring on her hand never shines
Oh I wake with every dawn
To find Fate has carried on
With all of Fortunes pride
Leaving drapes drawn in the day
To keep private masquerades
And we raise our voices high